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Why I Love Pinterest at HeyPreston.co.uk

As I mentioned in my first blog post, I like to live in a dream world and Pinterest is the perfect place to go for my mind to wander and to be inspired. Now I am not saying there isn’t inspiration in loads of places online and offline! In fact, being offline can be some of the most inspirational time you can have as there are less distractions (i.e. Facebook/Instagram etc.) But right now, I’m focusing on the world wide web.

Another thing that is probably a really bad habit of mine, is cutting out imagery I like from magazines… and to me Pinterest is one big magazine, but with a search bar! Also, Pinterest does not create clutter in your home which is perfect, as my home is relatively cluttered. I have over 50 boards and will probably make more as time goes on.

No matter what your interests are, there’s something for you!

I do… well… will do… eventually… maybe

What seems to be the most popular use for Pinterest is wedding ideas. I’m not even planning a wedding and I have a board of wedding ideas! Like I said earlier, it allows you to live in a dream world as you browse through perfectly preened photography of gorgeous hairstyles, cute couples under fabulous floral arches, close up shots of wedding favours and all that’s in between. It really has made a party planners job that little bit easier, as now there’s no real need to make a mood board (although mood boards are lovely… and tactile… and lovely).
Every bride to be should get a Pinterest account, whether she’ll use it after the big day or not, it’s a great way to get ideas and share them with the ones you want an opinion from. You and your mum/sisters/best friends can sit together drinking a bit of fizz and scrolling through endless bridal inspired imagery and making those all important decisions for one of the most special days of your life.

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Dream home planning

Interior design is also massive, with ideas for every room in your home and again refined, enviable photographs of other people’s homes. If you have an idea of the theme/look you will be going for with your interiors, then these can be added to your search and you will always find something pin-worthy! You will find amazing ideas for seating, lighting, colour schemes, accessories, storage… it’s pretty endless so you will be overwhelmed by ideas. Splitting your interior inspirations into room types or style themes will make it easier to navigate through when it comes to needing inspiration. My home board is currently all in one place with a running theme of bright colours and bohemian styles, but with some variation… I may be doing a bit of a reshuffle soon… maybe.
It’s not just interiors on offer, you can drool over stunning country cottages and lust after luscious green gardens. Whatever your dream home, start your planning here, you’ll find so many great ideas!

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I must try that!

Crafts and tutorials are everywhere and I personally want to try as many as humanly possible, I just wish I had the time. Instead, I spend time pinning which ones appeal to me, or that I know I could do with my vast collection of materials (part of my hoarding problem). But hopefully with the help of this blog, I can start to create more and I will be sharing my creations with you; with tutorials if they turn out well!
So if you’re a crafter, I really do recommend Pinterest as you will have so many projects to do.

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I’ve had an idea…

We all have things that we’re passionate about; good design, make-up, art, sports, fashion etc. and we’re all told “do what you love, love what you do” so why not use Pinterest to get inspired.

I’ve always been interested in designing and making clothes but recent designs and also vintage designs for lingerie have really inspired my ideas. I would love to begin the process of starting my own business, in which I design and make pretty lingerie in loads of different styles. One thing that always irritates me is how sweet and lovely bras can look in the smaller sizes, but as the sizes on the rail get bigger the design is changed… I know it is due to support… but it just seems a shame to have beautiful fine lace and big chunky straps.

Anyway… Pinterest could be your insight into an emerging market, or help you to start piecing together your own ideas for a possible future venture. You can create ‘secret’ boards as well so if you’re collecting inspiration for an idea and you’re onto something, then no one else will be able to see what you’re up to or steal your idea haha!

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Inspiring a healthier lifestyle

With ‘The 7 best exercises to get the butt you want’ and ‘It only takes 70 hours of yoga to look this good’. Haha! I have to say, this might be my least favourite part of Pinterest, but only because I feel so lazy and inadequate looking at perfectly toned abs and people who look happy doing exercise. Even though it is a little irritating (but only because of jealousy) I do in fact want to look my best. At present I am not at my best… and it can be a little upsetting, but if I keep reminding myself of how I would like to look, then it spurs me on that bit more to maybe not eat that chocolate. I do struggle though… I’m not going to lie.

There are great links to sites with fab exercise tips or healthy recipes, so if one of your new years resolutions includes finding your perfect self, then get yourself on Pinterest!

Fitness Inspiration at HeyPreston.co.uk

But tempting me to eat cake… so much cake

But at the same time Pinterest shows you tasty, sugar-filled sweets and treats to tempt the hell out of you! Looking at pictures of amazingly decorated cakes and scrumptious looking foods, luckily, doesn’t add calories… but any links to recipes could be a little risky.
If you’re looking for inspiration for a birthday cake or a romantic meal, then be inspired.

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So will I fit into that dress?

Pinterest can also be a wardrobe, sort of. There is infinite inspiration out there for outfit ideas, party dresses, underwear, EVERYTHING! Now, I am also a shopaholic (recovering)
(but not out of choice)
(just a bit skint…)
so Pinterest can replace buying clothes and just allow me to pretend that by pinning the clothes, I am actually adding them to my own wardrobe… and I will obviously look just as fab in the clothes as the girls pictured. Like I say, I live in a dream world.

This makes Pinterest so great for fashionistas to create style boards and share them with the world. You can pin your Polyvore creations and pin images from your favourite shops/designers, so you’ll have visually stunning boards in no time.

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That’s just a few of the things you can make boards about and use them for. Something I find quite handy as well about Pinterest, is that I can save pins that I might want to draw from and rather than clog up my computer with loads of images, they can all be stored in one place online!

So if you’re feeling ‘pin’spired by my blog post, then get pinning!!!

If you would like to, you can follow me on Pinterest!

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