6 Valentine’s Card Ideas

It’s getting closer to February 14th, the day that everyone is meant to celebrate love and tell people how much they love them. Although I personally don’t think that romance should be limited to one day a year, it is always nice to honour the occasion in some shape or form.
Whether you are declaring your love to an unexpecting recipient, or just letting your one and only know how much you still love them; making a card for Valentine’s Day is a fab idea.

Here are a few easy designs that you can try at home. You can be as crafty as you fancy. Using special card and paper, along with little embellishments, you can create something that says “I Love You” better than any card you can find in the shops. Anyone with a heart will realise that bit of extra effort shows that you truly mean it.

So here are 6 simple ideas for Valentine’s cards

1 – I ♥ YOU

In the style of the infamous I ♥ NY motif, say it simply and making this card design is even simpler! Start with a piece of A5 card and fold it in half. Use a ruler to measure the centre out and then lightly score a line using scissors. This helps you to not end up with creases down the fold, which is especially helpful for thicker card. Then just draw your lettering with pencil (so you can rub it out after) and cut them out. Cut out your heart shape from red paper or card, stick everything on your folded card and voila, you have an instantly ‘love’ly card which says it like it is.

2 – Kiss Kiss Kiss

Fold a piece of A5 card in half (as above) to begin, then cut out lip shapes using red card and stick them on just below halfway on the card, remember this card is landscape rather than portrait. A quick tip for making any of these cards is to use a scalpel to cut out the lettering and shapes; you will get a neater edge (but be super careful and use a cutting mat). Then in your best or cutest handwriting, pop the words ‘Kiss Kiss Kiss’ above the lips.
A speedy way to make this card could be to actually just kiss the card! Get your sauciest red lipstick on and mwah, mwah, mwah your way to a fabulously personalised card.


3 – Be My Valentine

A big heart and a little heart in different shades of red (or pink) is another really simple design but quite striking at the same time. This card is perfect for declaring your love with an almighty hint ‘Be my Valentine’ and hearts! It can be a little more difficult to cut card to make a perfect square, so finding blank cards in craft shops, which come with envelopes, is a great time saver AND you can use the other cards in the pack to make Birthday cards and Mother’s Day cards etc, etc. As with all of these designs, you can use the free printable pdf for all of the shapes I have used to make these designs. Cut your 2 hearts from different coloured paper and stick them on slightly overlapping. Then get your pen out and scribe those all important words.

4 – Be Mine

Another card for a love declaration but a little more pushy! Who could resist a card which saucily says ‘Be Mine’… well some people… I suppose. Anyway, it’s a really cute design using the same hearts as the previous design. The card shape is again square, so if you’re sending more than one *shocked face* then try out a couple of designs. This one just needs an extra little touch, in the form of a sparkly, heart-shaped gem, right in the middle. Try out something different with the lettering, or use your own handwriting; whatever you fancy (for whoever you fancy!)395136_278229482241429_1831365043_n

5 – You Hold The Key

Possible one of the more cheesy designs… but still a pretty cool card. This is great for new love or long-term sweethearts. Using a square card again (perfect for any serial Valentine givers!) and the same large heart template as the above cards, cut your shape from gold paper or card and cut the lock mechanism out too. Stick these onto the card with the mechanism behind the heart, then cut out the keyhole shape from black paper and stick this in the centre of the heart. Get your pen out again and write the words ‘You hold the key’ (and draw a few dinky hearts for extra love).396563_278229422241435_495276623_n

6 – Mwah

Please excuse the quality of the image below, it is a  little on the blurry side… unfortunately (but fortunately) I sold this card so could not take a better image of it ☹ but don’t let that put you off. It’s actually one of my favourite designs as it can be made really personal with a big smooch of a kiss in the middle of the heart! We’re back to the portrait cards here, made by folding an A5 piece of card. Grab some pink paper and cut out the large heart, stick it slightly below the centre of the card and then cut out the word ‘mwah’ from black paper and stick it at the top of your card. I’ve added another little heart-shaped gem to the ‘a’ for that little sparkly touch.396793_278229348908109_101329440_n

As I’ve mentioned, to help you out, I’ve created this free downloadable sheet with the shapes you’ll need to make any of these designs! I really hope I’ve inspired you to make your own card this year and maybe even inspired you to just make your own cards in general. Keep your eyes peeled for more card design inspiration!

You don’t even need to use this idea for Valentine’s, make a little love token whenever you fancy! People always love to hear that someone loves them.

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