Upcycling Old Clothes (and New Ones!)

Upcycling Old Clothes at HeyPreston.co.uk

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have too many clothes!

It’s lovely to have the choice, but it’s a pain when you run out of places to keep them. I also seem to have a problem with getting rid of clothes too, so I have a big box and a big bag full of items I want to upcycle in some shape or form… from making rag rugs to turning dresses into co-ord sets.

Upcycling is something that is super fun to do and I LOVE making stuff but finding the time to complete all of the projects I have in mind is nigh on impossible. This is where the blog comes in – it could be the driving force behind a series of upcycling projects which I can photograph and write little tutorials… I just need to make the time…

There are some lovely clothes upcycling projects on Pinterest and YouTube and I have plenty (too many) of my own, so there might be some customisation projects coming this way soon. Especially with Christmas coming up (only 14 weeks to go and I have a cool jumper to share), having some DIY pressie ideas would be super cool too.

Using Up Scrap Fabrics

One thing that was super fun to make, was a big spirally rug thingy. It actually turned into more of a cushion/rug as it shrank when I took it off the hoop. This is a great way to use up fabrics from clothes that aren’t nice enough to donate to charity and make use of scraps of trims etc.

Upcycled Spiral Rag Rug at HeyPreston.co.uk

Getting rid of underwear and holey socks… I feel bad just throwing fabric away, so I came up with a little idea when I lived on my own. I had some tights that I didn’t ever wear and I had just had a huge overhaul on my drawers (hehe) so I figured a fun way to repurpose all that fabric was to create a draught-excluding sausage!
I stuffed all of the cut up scraps of knickers and socks into the leg of my tights until I had a sausage the same width as the door, then tied a knot at the end and trimmed off the rest of the tights.

DIYs to Keep You Busy

In the meantime, while I get my crafty butt into gear, check out these posts:

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