There’s Only 2 Months To Go!

It’s already nearing the end of August and Halloween is only 2 months away! Because this is one of my favourite times of year, I need to make sure my Halloween costume is decided well in advance, as, being a craft enthusiast, I like to DIY as much of my costume as possible.

I thought it might be fun to look back and see my costumes from Halloweens gone by. I actually hadn’t realised how many there had been until I went back through my old photographs.

Costumes of Halloweens Past

2015 – The power of the Voodoo… Last year I dressed as a Voodoo priestess and made lots of little accessories to go with it. I used random things that I already had lying around and also visited Poundstretcher for some Halloweeney bits and bobs. I found a weird skeleton in a cage but it was broken so it was only 75p; I used pretty much every bit of it in the necklace and my voodoo stick. It was so much fun making this costume, but a wee bit time consuming… but all the best crafts take time and effort! The wig was once a long straight wig, which my dad had worn for my mum’s hippy party; but is now a tangled mess of half-dreads and backcombed pieces… I sewed the wig to a piece of stretch fabric so I could tie it around, this also made it look longer 🙂

Voodoo Priestess Halloween Costume at

2014 – Truly batty! This looked like it was one of those ‘bit less of an effort’ sort of costumes… but I know how much time I took on the ears and hand-sewing the wings onto the top. Oh and I made a little red bow-tie too! I think this one might get worn again if I can fix the ears; they were a bit broken before the night was even through. They were made from wire and some tights stretched over and sewn around the whole edge. As I said, very time consuming.

Bat Halloween Costume at

Halloween night at World Headquarters always has a costume party with a competition, this was my picture and the description they wrote about my bat cossie:

Halloween Night Out Bat Costume at

2013 – I don’t think I went out this year 🙁 always sad when I have to stay in on Halloween.

2012 – UNICORN TIMES! It was my Auntie’s 50th birthday party and I dressed as a unicorn, and it was so fun! Had a bit of a stress on when I realised the white fitted dress I ordered online was too small, not long enough and very, VERY see-through. Cue running to the shop to find the best possible replacement; a sparkly white jumper which cost way more than I would have wanted to spend, but it went to my mum after the party so, that’s alright. The most effort probably went into the unicorn ears and horn, which I made from faux fur and sparkly purple fabric, oh, and crimping my hair (but that effort was my sister’s).

Unicorn Costume at

2011 – I think this was the year I was at work on Halloween night :/ But me and my friend were equipped with some masks I had painted! The manager of the store got a bit of a fright when they saw us behind the bistro.

2010 – Scene kid, scene kid! This was a fun costume and a great excuse to dye my hair bright, flamingo pink. My friend dressed as a more emo-y scene kid and we did all the poses we could think of. I am a bit gutted I didn’t get a full length outfit photo, as that would have been cool because I can’t fully remember what I wore.

Scene Kid Costume at

2009 – Raggy doll. Another pretty simple outfit which could probably be recreated if you’re in a rush to get a costume sorted. I sewed the lace collar, buttons and patches to a simple tshirt dress, wore red and white striped tights and drew some stitches on my face and arms; super duper simple!

Rag Doll Halloween Costume at

2008 – Get back in the cave! I really enjoyed making this costume, but the mess that comes with faux fur is a nightmare. You will be absolutely boiling all night; which is perfect for Autumn weather between places, but you’ll need to stay hydrated indoors when you’re dancing like a loon.

Funny little story, I actually met my current boyfriend this Halloween night, but I was in a relationship so didn’t go and dance. We only discovered this when he mentioned being out dressed as a Ghostbuster and I remembered getting approached by a Ghostbuster in the same club on Halloween. We looked at the dates on our photos from the night and lo-and-behold, we’d already met, many moons ago!

Cave Girl Halloween Costume at

Clowning Around

Also, because I love this costume, I thought I’d include it… it was my 20th Birthday night out and I dressed as a Bratz-style clown. If you’ve seen the Bratz movie then you’ll know where I got the idea. This was all made by me and I absolutely loved this costume!

Clown Costume at

Please excuse any of my stupid faces and poses; wearing a costume is the best thing ever and you can be whoever you fancy in that moment, so I made the most of it I guess.

Halloween 2016

I like how that title rhymes 🙂 Halloween 2016 is going to be an aquatic affair, as I plan on becoming a mermaid for the night! The necklaces in the montage below were found randomly on a shelf of bric-a-brac in a charity shop and became my inspiration for a mermaid costume. I am really excited and have everything planned, but there is a hell of a lot of effort ahead of me… my sewing skills are going to be tested as I try to tackle scale effect sequinned fabric and an invisible zip. Wish me luck, I think I’ll need it!

Here’s a little montage I made to help me think of ideas for my mermaid venture:

Mermaid Montage at

So… with only 2 months to go until Halloween, I have my work cut out. There may be some posts with progress (hopefully) of my costume; I’ll be making a crown, my tail, a top and styling a long turquoise wig, I’m expecting lots of shells, glitter and plenty of hoovering to do afterwards.

Eek, I love Halloween!!!

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