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If your grandparents teach you anything, it’s to not miss out on noticing the good things, don’t get wrapped up and be blind to the world around you. Spend more time with the people that make you happy, don’t argue for too long, do the things that make you smile and enjoy the little things (and stop taking excessive amounts of photos and just enjoy being there!!!).

It all sounds so cliche but it should be the rules you base your life on (in a perfect world…).

Spend time with the people that make you happy at

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If I could go back in time, I’d check in on my grandparents. I’d love to see my grandad win a swimming race and see my grandma sat sewing a new dress for herself. And my mum’s parents; I’d love to see how they were with each other when they had just met. To see them happy and carefree!!!

I feel like there’s not enough focus on living life. Everyone is so wrapped up in each other’s lives, but not in a good way! We watch other people travel, move house, get married and start families… social media has made us jealous or feel inferior, or like we’re not living our lives to the “fullest” (or just not like such-and-such).

I get that social media means we can keep in touch with family and friends and share things, but I secretly hate it really… and I don’t think I’m alone. There are loads of people I have spoken to about how much we hate social media and that we wish we could delete it but there’s just something that makes us not do it.

I need social media for work and business things. Unfortunately, Facebook is one of the portals I need mostly for work, but it’s the one I hate the most!


Facebook is the place to go to be bombarded with images of people’s holidays, keys to their new home and endless images of people’s children.


Instagram creates false ideals of what we should look like, how our meals should look, what we should be doing with our lives… it’s just a big pretty lie. Overly styled imagery; aesthetically pleasing, yes, but with about as much reality in it as Kim K’s butt!!!


Twitter is just the place where celebrities argue and people put their feet in their mouths offending people and spelling things really strangely.


Snapchat is fun, for about half an hour and then you realise you’ve spent that time looking at pictures of yourself, with stupid glasses and recording videos as a squirrel with a high pitched voice…


Tumblr is the place to go if you have opinions on absolutely everything and get offended by everything.

I know I’ve completely generalised all of that and been maybe a bit harsh towards the portals, but that’s how I’m feeling at the time of writing this post. The sad thing is, I will probably not be deleting my social media accounts anytime soon, (if at all) so I’ll just have to shut up and put up with it I guess.

So, to go back to my initial thoughts about grandparents… they grew up without all the crap of being constantly connected to everyone and everything, which of course I can’t imagine now. Plans would have to be set in stone, or if you needed to change things, you’d have to either let the person know or just don’t show up…

My grandad told me a story about when he was meant to be going on a date with my grandma, but he was really ill, so he had to send his friend to her house on a bike to tell her he couldn’t make it. A lot of faff, I know… and highly impractical, yes! But part of me longs for a bit of complicated simplicity. The… human-ness of it all. Face to face contact, not a stupid filtered Snapchat or a quick lifeless text.

Basically, this post was a bit of a rant. What was meant to be an inspiring(ish) thing to make people think more about enjoying their lives without worrying about what everyone else thinks, or just needing everyone else to see everything they are doing all of the time, has turned into a negative load of brain vomit… oh well!

P.S. I’m not doubting the amazing effects social media can have on businesses and for charitable causes.

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