Shiny Happy New Year!

I may be a little late in saying this, but Happy New Year! I hope that all of you have got some wonderful things planned for 2018.

As we all step into a brand new year, we want to make sure we make the most of it and don’t let it fly by so quickly. This can be really hard and fill you with the feelings of excitement but also nerves as you try to plan out what you can do to really push yourself.

I don’t have advice that would work for everyone, but I can tell you what I’m doing to try and at least stay organised this year.

What’s going on in 2018?

Super Shiny Holographic Organiser from Tiger

I am starting 2018 by being completely freelance and trying to find work to do that encompasses all of the things I like to do (work-wise) and things I know I can do:

  • Graphic design
  • Content writing
  • Product descriptions
  • VA work

So far there are a couple of jobs which are great and I have plenty to do (which is brilliant) and I am feeling pretty positive about my future. But… there’s always a but… there is the pressure to get a “normal” job so I have comfort in knowing one thing I’m doing is fully stable. I completely agree that since I’m starting out pretty new, getting a part-time job would be a sensible idea, however, I want to put all of my efforts into running my freelance business and fear that taking time elsewhere would distract me. The sensible side of me thinks I need to stop being an idiot, get a part-time job and just work really hard this year establishing myself as a multi-talented freelancer!

This is where my lovely new planner comes in to help me to organise my time more effectively.

Shiny (literally) New Planner

Super Shiny Holographic Organiser from Tiger

I got a holographic silver planner/organiser from Tiger (such a fab shop) which came with basic lined paper with a space for the date at the top. It was only £4 and I’d been eyeing up Filofaxes and my eyes nearly fell out when I saw the prices. Safe to say, I’m super chuffed with my cheap as chips, holo planner!

I converted some A4 file dividers into the perfect size for my little organiser and made some new pages for each section. At Paperchase I got diary pages and some weekly planner pages too! So I’m all equipped to start the year nicely. Especially with my handmade glittery bookmarks!

Sparkly Glitter Bookmarks at

Hopefully, this shiny planner will keep me on track organising my work schedule as well as to-do lists and weight loss/fitness tracking. If you like the idea of getting organised this year, but your attention span can dwindle, I totally recommend a holographic notebook or organiser! I keep picking it up to look at it and then I remember to use it!

My only worry now is that I haven’t got enough room in the bliddy thing to put everything I want to!

How are you keeping organised this year?

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