Party Season is Upon Us!

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting so excited about Christmas! I’ve been planning presents (making a lot of them) and thinking about how awesome my tree is going to look this year.

When it comes to Christmas, I think of twinkling fairy lights, sparkling tree decorations and sequinned party dresses. So as you can see… the glittery-er the better! Pinterest plays a huge part in my Christmas planning and of course, the all important party outfits. I’m not even going to a Christmas party this year but I still love to pretend I am. I’ll find a reason to wear a sequin dress for sure; even if it’s just while I put my tree up.

Sparkly Party Pinspiration

I’d love for you guys to have a browse of my Pinterest boards and if you like them, give them a follow so I can have a peek at your boards too. I love looking at other people’s Pinterests, it’s like looking into other people’s brains! Hehe!

Christmas Decor

There are sooo many ideas on Pinterest for Christmas decor and festive ideas in general (including loads of tasty treat recipes) I am overwhelmed with ideas for Christmas DIYs and I’m also considering making my own ugly Christmas jumper. Check out my board for some festive inspiration (just click the image to go to my board):

Festive Pinspiration at

Party Outfits

As you can see from the picture below, I think sequins and this time of year go hand in hand; and this year, the shops are FULL of them! I am in my element typing in ‘sequin’ as I browse the online shops and pages and pages of items are showing up. Does anyone think a fully sequinned wardrobe would be too much for normal day to day wear? I’d like to try a week in sequins… post idea much!?

Anyway, check some gorgeous items perfect for a Christmas party (just click the image to go to my board):

Party Outfit Pinspiration at

Keeping Warm

Of course, winter can’t all be decorations and sequins, we’ve got to keep warm. This year I’m slightly obsessing over faux fur and shearling… kind of the same as last year to be honest. So I’ve started lusting over cosy beauties that would be oh so welcome in my wardrobe (just click the image to go to my board):

Keeping Warm Pinspiration at


Now I couldn’t complete my excited Christmassy post without sharing all of the glitter I have collected so far. If it was socially acceptable to be coated in glitter every day, then I might just be that person. Bring on the glitz (just click the image to go to my board):

Glittery Pinspiration at

So, with Christmas only 38 days left until Christmas, the race is on to get all my gifts sorted and make sure all of my crafty creations are done on time. Also, I need to plan a definite day to put my tree up (but before that the living room needs a bit of a tidy) and fit in seeing as many friends and family as possible!

Hopefully I will find time to post on here with a DIY of some sort… I am making truffles so maybe I could pop my recipes up on here to share the chocolatey goodness?

Eek! I’m just too excited for November… but… 38 DAYS!!!

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