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Moonology Book Overview

I don’t think I’ve mentioned before, but I absolutely LOVE the moon and everything to do with it. For Christmas, I asked for this book, Moonology; Working with the Magic of the Lunar Cycles, by Yasmin Boland.  I hadn’t really done much research or looked into this book, but I was looking for a lunar diary or moon themed diary when this was suggested. I read the little description and thought, “Yup, I’d like this book.”

The moon is an amazing astronomical body that gives us light at night (borrowed from the sun, I know, but you can look at the moon and it is beautiful!) The moon goes through phases from New Moon to Full Moon and all that’s in between; and you can utilise the magic of the moon to make wishes. Moonology is all about this, how to make the most of the moon’s power throughout the lunar cycles.

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When the moon is new, it is invisible in the sky and this is the most powerful time to create your wishes. New Moon wishes have to be something you truly want, and each day you take steps towards making that dream a reality. In a way, these wishes could be compared to resolutions or self promises, where you work towards achieving all of the steps that will get you to your wish.

Casting a New Moon Wish

You have to be very clear on what you want to wish for and make sure you think about it carefully; it must be something achievable, and it helps if you know that the outcome is fully possible and believe in it. You can increase the power of your New Moon Wish by visualising how you will feel once it comes true, and truly feeling how you will feel.

Something I’m definitely going to trial is making a sort of vision board with images or drawings, as well as writing a list (as I like to do both) and I might even start a new sketchbook sort of thing to record what happens. Yasmin does say in the book that burning your list is a great way to enhance your wishes, but it’s not for everyone; it’s nice to keep them so you can reflect on what has come about and what still needs work.

By the Light of the Full Moon

The full moon is used to let go or forgive; whether this be people or things that have happened in your life. It is also used to express gratitude for what we already have as well as what the last new moon may have brought us. We also tend to get a little bit crazy around the time of the full moon (you could say a bit loony… or lunar) especially when you are in tune with the moon. By following the moon’s cycle, you can help to control the effects the moon has on you and use them to your advantage.

The Moon and the Zodiac

There are specific elements of life associated with each star sign, and the moon travels through each of these in order, staying in one sign for around 2 days before moving onto the next sign. You can use your own star sign or your rising sign to work out when the moon is in each of your houses 1st to 12th, and this can help to work out how to utilise each moon phase when it’s in each of your houses.

Moonology by Yasmin Boland

Basing your life around the lunar cycles can really bring order and help you to be more organised, as well as appreciate life more. Of course, I am just finished reading the book and am yet to create my first lot of New Moon Wishes, but I am really looking forward to trying it out! Once I’ve tried it for a few lunar cycles, I’ll do an update. If you’re intrigued, it’s definitely worth a read.

Even if you’re not a “believer” of the moons powers, then you can still benefit from the mindset and way of visualising your future and imagining you have already hit your goals. To feel the way you will feel when your dreams are achieved, will help you to get to them faster; and to actively plan out the small steps that get you to where you want to be, will help to make sure you get there. Even if it does take longer than you would like!

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