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So, I’ve already let my new years plans slip… this is only my third post and it’s almost a week late. But, here it finally is!

One of the other things on my big to do list for this year was to learn to read tarot properly, as I have a bit of a tarot card collection and don’t want to need the guide book any more to do readings. My plan was to learn card by card, by writing in a book dedicated to learning tarot, which I have started but finding the time is really hard with work etc. But here is a little look at my book:

Tarot Book at

For each of the cards in the deck (I am using the traditional Rider Waite deck for this), I have written:

  • What is on the card?
  • What do I think the interpretation is?
  • The guide book’s interpretation

I am enjoying the part where I interpret the card by using the imagery and my knowledge about the different suits as well. As I would love to create my own deck of either tarot cards or oracle cards, getting to understand how the cards can be interpreted is extremely helpful.

So why tarot?

I first became interested in tarot after the movie ‘Now and Then’ in which the girls go to see a “witch” to get a reading. At a young age, the idea of answering questions with cards was really exciting to me.

I’ve always been into paranormal and not-quite-normal things since I was little. When I was about 6, me and my friends were in the ‘Ghost Club’, where we used to spend break time telling each other ghost stories and scary things that had happened to us.
Even now at the age of 27, I love hearing people’s spooky experiences and love watching horror movies.

Anyway… back to tarot.

I didn’t get my first deck until I was 17 and it was a gift from a friend of mine. Once I did my first reading I was hooked.

The Original Rider Waite Tarot Deck

Conceived by A.E.Waite & Designed by Pamela Colman Smith

This is the first deck I got! The deck that most aspiring readers will probably practise with in the beginning. It is the deck most people visualise when they think of tarot and many different decks are based on these designs and interpretations. The imagery is very straight-forward and the interpretations of the cards are often found in ‘clues’ that the image gives you.
I do consult these cards every-so-often, especially for specific question readings and longer term readings.

Great cards for first timers and a fab place to start learning if it interests you.

Rider Waite at

The Vampire Tarot

Created and Illustrated by Nathalie Hertz

I remember the day I spotted these in a shop in Edinburgh and instantly bought them. I do feel that if you feel instantly drawn to a deck then you should consider purchasing it, however I don’t very often use these cards any more. The artwork is really unique and very stylised, so I feel this is maybe more of the reason I bought them than actually having a connection to them. But I will be keeping them for the time being and might give them another whirl.

Vampire Tarot at

I Ching : Dead Moon

Illustrated by Luis Royo

These might have been a little bit of an impulse purchase because I’d been looking online at various tarot decks and then saw these in a shop. I love the artwork on this deck, it is very emotive and some cards are really beautiful. I have tried using this deck for a reading, but they confuse me slightly; I don’t feel like the little booklet goes in depth enough for my liking.
Being an arty farty person, I appreciate interesting and pretty illustration; I think this is the main reason I bought this deck, that and the fact that I am a bit obsessed with the moon… and it was in the name…

I Ching Tarot at

Mystic Faerie Tarot

Illustrated by Linda Ravenscroft & Text by Barbara Moore

These ones were bought online after an evening of browsing the many decks on offer. Again, I was drawn to the illustrations but also the fact that this deck comes with a book. If you read all of the card interpretations, it forms a story (a bit like the fool’s journey sort of thing) that links the interpretations together. You are given a Faerie Greeting and Faerie Farewell to say before and after readings and told that you should keep these cards with a piece of clear quartz. I do have a quartz point in the box with the deck, but I feel bad to say I haven’t used the greeting or farewell when I have done a reading. They don’t get used very often either… I’m terrible!

Mystic Faerie Tarot at

Tarot: The Complete Kit

Text by Dennis Fairchild & Illustrations by Julie Paschkis

Even though this set was the cheapest of all my decks, it has been one of the most used. Their small size is different to other decks, making them easier to handle and carry around. They are mainly used for a quick card of the day, rather than a full on multiple card reading and I have to say, I have had such positive outcomes from these cards. They can really capture a situation in one card, or give an alternative outlook on a problem or question.
My second favourite deck that I own.

Tarot: The Complete Kit at

The Essential Tarot Book and Card Set

Illustrated by Mary Hanson-Roberts & Text by Rosalind Simmons

I got this set as a gift for Christmas one year because I had it in my Amazon wishlist. I have used them a couple of times, but I don’t feel all that attached to them sadly. I don’t know whether it is because they are quite flimsy and maybe the artwork on them isn’t quite up my street… but I had them in my wishlist for some reason haha!
Anyway, I don’t want to be too negative about them, so I’ll say that I do like the little book that comes with them.

The Essential Tarot at

The Wild Unknown Tarot

Created and Illustrated by Kim Krans

My ultimate favourite deck of all time ever!!!
I remember seeing this deck all the time on Tumblr and wishing it was mine, so I went onto The Wild Unknown website and saw that it was out of stock. I checked back a fair few times and it was always out of stock, so I started to lose hope; thinking they were discontinued. I signed up for the emails though because I really love Kim Krans’ illustrations and one day (in 2014) I got an email with a discount code so I just went for it. After I’d bought them I realised I should have bought the guide book too, but then I got that as an unexpected birthday present so it all worked out well!
The illustrations are beautiful, the cards are matte and thick and the box for them is great. They don’t have the traditional court cards and the interpretations don’t include a reversed meaning (which I don’t do anyway) and I just love everything about them! They are the kind of cards you want to look at all the time.

Wild Unknown Tarot at

Paulina Tarot

By Paulina Cassidy

The most recent addition to my deck collection and another gift, this time from my little sister; I got these for my birthday last year. The artwork is really intricate and quite fairytale-esque. They are lovely and colourful but not in a cheap looking way and each card is a visual feast with decorative backgrounds as well as pretty little fairy-like characters.
I am yet to use these cards for a big reading, but I will be soon!

Paulina Tarot at

So that’s the decks I have so far, I don’t think I’ll be stopping there though, I already have my eye on another deck by Paulina Cassidy and the second edition of the Wild Unknown Tarot. I also really like the Victoria Frances Favole Tarot too…

There are also oracle cards

Both of these were purchased because of artwork (again!) but I definitely felt really drawn to the Animal Spirits Knowledge Cards. Sadly I don’t really use them very often… maybe that’s another thing I should add to my list for 2016; to use all of my cards more.

Les Vampires

Text by Lucy Cavendish & Artwork by Jasmine Becket-Griffith

For ages I’d loved the little fairy illustrations by Jasmine Becket-Griffith that I’d seen on cards and when I saw that she had created a deck of oracle card artwork, I thought I’d get them! They come with a little book which describes each of the cards interpretation.
One negative thing; the cards are MASSIVE and so hard to shuffle, so kind of hard to use.

Les Vampires Oracle Cards at

Animal Spirits Knowledge Cards

Paintings by Susan Seddon Boulet

The artwork on these cards is so beautiful. Lions are my favourite animal too, so the fact the box had one on helped with my purchase decision. I love the varied styles of painting, the majority muted colour scheme and slightly Navajo look to some of the animals.

Animal Spirits Knowledge Cards at

I’d love to know which tarot decks you guys have, and whether you’d really recommend any, so leave me a comment if you fancy.

Now, on to the learning!


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