Mamma Mia, I Love Boho!

I know I haven’t written anything in a long while, but I was feeling inspired after seeing the new Mamma Mia movie. It’s such a cheese-fest, but I enjoyed every second of it – especially young Donna’s (played by Lily James) outfits!

Bohemian styling is something I have always been a bit obsessed with, but this movie just made me want to go all out 70s bohemian with my outfits and also made me really want to head off to a little island and open a hotel. But I don’t quite fancy the part where I sleep with 3 random guys with no protection and end up with a mystery child (and I don’t go around poking innocent horses in the eye when I need comfort… you’ll have to see the movie). Since the island hotel is pretty much never going to happen, I figured getting my boho on with my wardrobe is the only option to pay homage to young Donna and her wonderful outfits. Also, I already have some of the clothes I need to recreate wonderful 70s inspired outfits… I just need to work on the tiny waist and toned bod side of things…

But for now, I want to focus on the clothes, so I’ve had a look around the big www to find items similar to those from the big screen – now let’s boho on with the show:

Let’s start with the gold platform boots! Although they are highly impractical and not really in keeping with the bohemian theme, I LOVED THE BOOTS!

These Nasty Gal boots may not be knee length or adorned with stars, but they’re still pretty epic!

My favourite outfit was probably the most simple (and easiest to recreate) – all you need is an orange maxi skirt and a grey/black tee. Then all you do to style it up is tie a knot at the side of the bottom of the tee. This outfit would look lush with sandals or a pair or leather clogs.

Orange Skirt
Black T-shirt

Next was the amazing tunic top Lily wore on her boat trip across to the island. Paired with denim shorts and awesome leather boots, this was a look I wanted to imitate immediately… but sadly I am lacking in a floaty cheesecloth top and denim shorts that fit me nicely 🙁 and lovely beige leather boots… but these items would make a nice addition to my wardrobe.

Cheesecloth Tunic Top (not quite spot on, but it will do)
Beige Leather Boots (this is the closest pair of boots I could find)

I’ve always said that when I am pregnant I’m going to wear dungarees almost every day and I loved the pair that young Donna gets in the movie. The button-up sides and rolled up hem look super relaxed and just generally cool.

This is the kind of thing that is worth browsing for in charity shops and vintage shops, or even eBay or Depop. There are so many different styles available in regular stores too, but these ones (below) seem the most alike to the movie set that I can find. The yellow floral shirt I found is close enough to the film, but it’s a little too long to be styled in the Mamma Mia movie outfits.

Denim Dungarees
Floral Yellow Shirt

This is definitely going to be a vintage shop find and more than likely quite different from the shacket Lily wears as she dances around the restaurant (yes the movie is ultra cheesy, but who cares?). Find something with a bold pattern in your favourite colours that could double up as a (short) dress and cover up to wear with simple shorts and a top.

Lily’s double denim look was so effortless and looks awesome. The halter bralette top has definite 70s vibes and the high waisted shorts make the outfit perfect for the beach… or a boat trip with a random Swede (but I don’t recommend hitching a lift with any strangers… it’s just not the most sensible idea).

Denim Bralette
High Waisted Denim Shorts

I’m not 100% sure if the orange maxi skirt from my favourite outfit makes another appearance or not… because it looks a lot more mustard in the bar scene when Donna is with her besties… so I’ve found a mustard skirt, just in case. The floral shirt from the dungaree look is a definite repeat, which I love because she only had a small case with her, so the wearing the same clothing is very realistic (unlike the majority of the storyline).

Mustard Maxi Skirt

There were a couple of other items in the movie which help to make up young Donna’s styling, so I’ve tried to find some dupes online:

It wasn’t just the clothes that I loved in this movie, some of the decor was so pretty too in the hotel. Sophie’s room had some lovely boho elements (the wire frame bed is stunning) and there were some lovely cushions on a sofa too. Bohemian interior design is something else I love to bits, so I may do a little post on that some time soonish.

Oh, one last thing – Cher’s cameo as Sophie’s grandma was awesome, you’ve got to love Cher!

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