So I’ve started writing a book…

It was just the other day when I had the urge to word vomit, so I got out my lap top and started writing a book! The ideas came rushing to me and I wrote over 1000 words… it was around midnight when I decided I wanted to write, so I had a bit of a late night, but I felt so pleased when I read it back. The basic jist of the story so far, is that there is a girl who is trying to develop her psychic abilities so that she can contact her dead twin sister to find out what she was about to say before she got killed.

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The characters

At the moment, I am developing the story in my little notebook (especially for book ideas; I’ve named it my book book) and really enjoying developing my characters A LOT so I can really understand who I’m writing about. Because I am a creative soul, I couldn’t resist doing some drawings of my characters and making mood board montages for each of the more prevalent characters.

This was also a late night moment: when I was looking at Pinterest (my fave) and saw some images that I would quite like to draw and then I thought, “why don’t I find some pictures I can relate to my characters and draw them!?” So I did! I also made these mood board type things with features, clothes and things relating to my character… seems like a lot of effort for a random book I just spur of the moment decided to write, but it’s keeping me happy so surely that can’t be a bad thing.

The protagonist

Phoebe is my protagonist character, she is the voice of the book as it is written in first person. Getting into her head is the aim of the game, so I can write as if I am her, she will feel real once I have finished haha!

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She has long dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, her face shape is almost ‘alien-like’ with a very petite chin and large-ish forehead. One of her distinguishing features are her huge doe eyes, which make her look as though she is constantly worried or sad. She dresses in grunge-style clothing; baggy jumpers, band t-shirts, checky shirts and ripped jeans etc. and leaves her naturally wavy hair down most of the time.

She likes to paint, draw and upcycle furniture. She works in a little cafe with 2 old ladies; Margaret and Betty (yep, I gave them typically ‘old-lady’ names…) and lives on her own in a small flat.

Main Character Montage

(If you are wondering, Phoebe has regular nose bleeds… that’s what is dribbling from her nose in the drawing.)

I have developed more about her, as I found some really helpful questions online… which I can’t remember the link 🙁 I would share the questions with you, but I would prefer if I found the link first. If you would like to know, then I can find it, just comment asking.
So I know so much about my protagonist now and I’m really starting to understand her and why she would do the things she does. It’s a really great and interesting way to develop characters, by making a detailed profile for each. It gets quite addictive!

The love interest

Hart is Phoebe’s bit-stuff-to-be, although I haven’t written their ‘moment’ yet, just half planned it. Phoebe starts out disliking Hart quite strongly, but always has an underlying niggle; knowing that he was attractive. They will end up being really close and Hart will help Phoebe to carry out her psychic development etc. etc.

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Hart has dark brown hair and really blue eyes. His hair is long and slightly curly and his beard is quite full, but still nicely looked after (but not so preened it looks like a solid object!) It seems so typical to write this about the ‘love interest’ but he has chiselled featured and a strong brow, which often looks furrowed. He smirks a fair bit, which makes him look a bit sleazy sometimes and he can be a little bit tactile… he’s pretty sure of himself and doesn’t care much about what people think of him. He dresses in quite relaxed clothes with a bit of a quirky edge; corduroy and denim jackets, hats, long sleeved button tops, checky shirts, loafers, Doc Martens, boots.

He also likes to paint and draw, and he loves to write. He works as a journalist and lives in a house which was left by his parents.

Main Character Romantic Interest Montage

The characters have been developed using some zodiac and elemental character traits and both Phoebe and Hart have deer as their spirit animals. Phoebe with the doe and Hart with the stag. When I’m writing it here, it seems kind of cheesy… but like I say, I’m really enjoying the whole process!

If you would like to know more about my characters or if you’d like to know the profile questions I am using (or any other helpful links/guides) then you can comment or send me an email. I may not have developed the story much… but I would love to hear from you guys. Who knows, maybe one day I might need beta readers! 😮

If you’re writing a book, then also let me know, I’d love to hear some tips or tricks from someone else on the same journey, especially if you’ve written a book before 🙂

Toods for now!

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