I’ve been on a mini ‘Holland’ay

So, I’ve been a bit useless on keeping up with my posts 🙁 with so many ideas but not enough time to actually do them, I have failed in my new year’s resolution blog. But, instead of dwelling on that, let’s chat about my mini trip to Holland; which I just got back from on Sunday.

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One of my best friends lives in Holland with his boyfriend (he used to live near my family home and went to the same school as me) and this was the second time I have been to stay with them. They live in Rotterdam; in Vlaardingen, which doesn’t seem too dissimilar to Newcastle really. My boyfriend and I stayed with them for 3 nights and then spent our final night in a hotel in Amsterdam.

We saw the zoo in Rotterdam, which had so many great animals in it. My favourites to see are the lions, because (a while ago now) me and my friends did a visualisation where we met our totem animals and mine was a lion. I feel as though I should do it again, as spirit animals can change at different times in your life to help with different elements.
Lions are a symbol of strength and usually help with issues with confidence and weakness. I will update you guys when I try again, once I have seen whether I still have a lion watching over me.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the animals we saw 🙂

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We almost got locked in! Haha, as we reached the entrance/exit, the guy was locking the last gate. Thank goodness we got to the gates as he was still there! Although, it could have been pretty cool seeing what the animals did overnight.

Before we left, we popped by the leopard and he was making some loud noises so we went to look at him. He bounded over and lay down and rolled onto his back as if he wanted a belly rub, so cute. I’ve read that when a cat exposes it’s tummy it is usually an indication of trust… I don’t know if I would fully trust him not to tear my arm off though!

Other things we saw and did in Holland:

  • Rotterdam Markethal – had tasty Dutch style chips with mayo and a nommy donut (there were so many beautiful looking donuts and desserts)

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  • The Cube Houses in Rotterdam – amazingly strange but wonderful architecture which people live in! It was 3 Euros to have a look in the show home, so we decided not to bother…
  • House of Bols, Amsterdam – unfortunately it was closed, which was really disappointing. But I’ve been there before and it is brilliant. You get to see the history of Bols and at the end you choose a cocktail and 2 shots of your favourite flavours, of which there are sooo many flavours to choose from.
  • AND a huuuuge wander around Amsterdam – saw the canals, some cool shops, some vast markets and even had a peek at the red light district (the girl’s look like dolls, it’s kind of strange)

We had a great time and wish that the trip had been longer!

The last time I stayed in Rotterdam, I went to a great little place called Madurodam! This is a model form, mini Holland which features the most prominent buildings and has some little interactive things. You can get a 3D scan of your body which you can choose to buy a little model of yourself and even a pendant of your head!!!

Madurodam Miniature Holland

Another great thing to see is the Euromast. We went at night and the view was amazing across the whole of Rotterdam, you could see the lights of the city and the moon was absolutely huge that night. The Euromast is 185m high, has a little cafe at the bottom, 2 luxury suites which can be rented out (they have balconies at over 100m above the ground!) and a little spinning pod which takes you to the highest point on the mast. There are a fair few outdoor spiral staircases to contend with before you reach the the pod, which can be a little scary in the wind… but it is definitely worth it once you see the view.

Euromast in Rotterdam

I would definitely recommend Holland for a mini trip away, it has so much to see and there’s loads to do. If you fancy getting an overpriced pancake then you can do that too… I don’t know why we stayed in that restaurant… it was a tasty treat though.

There are loads of bikes!!! EVERYWHERE!

Bikes everywhere in Holland

Obviously lots of people go to Holland for the weed… which can be fun, but there’s so much more than that. I for one am obsessed with markets ^_^

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If you’ve been to Holland and have any recommendations, comment and tell us all. I’ll definitely be going back!

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