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Hello everyone! Long time no see… I’m so sorry. There’s been lots of busy-ness going on at work and a couple of new ideas in the pipeline for me too!

This is just a really short catch up post to fill in some time while I prepare some really awesome DIY posts for you all. There’s some sneaky peeks on my new Facebook page; I used to have a little page for my crafts – handmade cards, earrings and bracelets; but I figured it would be better used for Hey Preston so I could share more ideas and crafts.

Hey Preston is on Facebook

If you fancy sporadic crafting inspiration or if you want to check out some of my old handmade items, then head to Hey Preston’s Facebook page. Please excuse the photography of my cards and jewellery… I wasn’t equipped with a very good camera and it was way before my phone camera was decent. There’ll be plenty of new things to look at very very soon!

Future Plans

I’m hopefully going to be getting back on track once I have a new laptop (as soon as I can afford one…) so that I can get my photos uploaded and be able to scan in my artwork etc. As soon as I am sorted with this, I’ll be able to share more of my illustrations with you and will be able to get cracking on my DIYs!

I have a whole host of ideas ready to go, but without imagery (i.e. a new laptop) my ideas wouldn’t look how I would like.

Hopefully I’ll be up and running more efficiently in the new year and I’ll just try my bestest up until then to add new content and share some of my ideas with you!


In the mean time, Halloween is on its way and the need for completing any costumes is getting nearer and nearer! If you’re stuck for inspiration, check out my past costumes post and see if anything takes your fancy. I’m currently working away on my mermaid costume; crown is done, top is half done and the tail… I really need to get a move on with that project…

Have a great week! ^_^



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