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Hey Preston Welcomes You

Hey Everyone!

So here it is, the first post on my little blog.
I guess I should tell you all why I am here and what I will be sharing with all of you lovelies over the foreseeable future. I love making things, drawing and being creative and I’d really love to share some of my creativity with you. I’ll be posting a mixture of tutorials, artwork and some general chit-chat and hoping that you guys will be able to relate and partake in your own crafting adventures.

I am so excited to get started! But first I’d really like to tell you a little bit about myself:

Who am I?

Well, as I wrote in my new diary for 2016 under the section ‘Other info’, I am a “slightly odd, arty-crafty girl with mostly messy hair and no direction in life. A total dreamer, often found floating in an alternative world where everyone is lovely and anything is possible!” I feel that this sums me up rather well. Oh, yes and my name is Laura! Totally forgot to add that in there… oops!

I was born in Newcastle and have lived here my whole life; I am now the grand old age of 27 with a degree in Graphic Design under my belt and… that’s about it really. So this leads to the next question, why am I writing this blog?

What’s the point?

Getting to 27 may not seem so bad, but I really don’t feel as though I have made the most of all of my time. It is only a few months ago, when myself and my friend were discussing life on the way to the metro station to go home. We often talk about the ways of the world and have both been talking about our huge ‘to-do’ lists… and that’s about it really, we’ve talked. So this year, 2016, is all about action!
2016 is the year to do something about it! My blog is going to help me stay motivated on my path through my mammoth new years resolution list. I had to split my resolutions into sections to keep them organised…

Preston’s 2016 resolutions:


  • make underwear
  • paint more
  • draw more
  • reupholster furniture
  • design oracle cards
  • use sketchbook every day!!!


  • aim for 10st (but see how I feel)
  • hula hoop on a Wednesday
  • boogie on a Friday
  • cycle whenever possible
  • rollerblade more
  • stick to the Slimming World diet (it totally works!!!)


  • Hey Preston!
  • Pand-drawn Illustrations
  • Greeting card designs
  • Social media


  • use my super-well-thought-out money plan
  • sell clothes
  • use cash-back sites if shopping online
  • make packed lunches for work


  • wear cool eyeshadow
  • try new hairstyles
  • learn tarot better
  • meditate more
  • burn incense every day

So as you can see I have a fair bit to be getting on with. I am proud to say I have this site up and running, my Pand-drawn illustrations site is also sorted AND I have burned incense every day since the beginning of the year!

Ready to go!

My 2016 Diary - HeyPreston.co.uk

So, above is my diary for 2016 which is going to be my best friend this year. I absolutely love Happy Jackson¬†products and this diary is fab! They have so many awesome motivational note books which are perfect for the year ahead… I’m thinking I may need to invest hehe!
This diary will help keep me on track with all my endeavours and make sure I keep up with my posts on here. I can plot in when I will be doing tutorials and keep on top of taking pictures and all that jazz! Also using Google Sheets and Docs, I am keeping a constant plan and ongoing ideas. Let’s hope I can stick to it!

New Year Plans - HeyPreston.co.uk

Another great way to keep on track and motivated, is an inspiration board. I made one a couple of years ago and I actually feel I had a more successful year. If you’re really visual like me, it the perfect way to get down your goals. Make it colourful, add notes, add doodles, make it totally unique to you and keep looking at it when you need a little bit of oomf!

2016 Inspiration Board - HeyPreston.co.uk

As I head on through 2016 I will be posting updates as I revamp furniture, draw and paint, try to learn tarot and just generally experience life. I would really love to hear your feedback (as long as it’s nice!) as it would be great to talk to like-minded people and share craft tips and even healthy recipes. Get involved and let me know how your new years resolutions are fairing throughout the year.

I cannot wait to get started!


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