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Summer is not too far away… whether we get sunshine will be another question. Whether you’re going on holiday or just staying put this summer, make sure you don’t forget your sunnies!

Here is my super fun tutorial to make your own DIY sunglasses. The great thing about this, is that it is so easy and you can get some awesome results just from being a little bit creative with some beads and glue. I got the idea when I was watching Fearne and Gok – Off The Rails and they mentioned sunglasses from Rad and Refined which were adorned with funky beads and quirky words. I thought to myself, “I have loads of beads and loads of sunglasses, I could make some of my own!” So I did!

There are also multiple tutorials and ideas on Pinterest, but my original inspiration came from the telly.

Just a quick note before we start; please ignore my reflection in the lenses… downside to using reflective sunnies haha!

Tools & Stuff

  • Sunglasses
  • Glue
  • Beads of your choice

DIY Sunglasses Ingredients at only need 3 things, oh… and a little bit of patience for fiddly things.

How to make them

Firstly you’ll need to plan what your design is going to be. I chose FEELIN’ FRUITY because I had little fruit beads which I once bid on, on eBay because they were only a few pence from China. I had no real use for them in mind, but now I have found a cool use for them and I’m so glad I did buy them! The little letter beads are from The Works and only cost £1, so I bought 2 packets as I always get worried about not having enough of certain letters.

Funky Beads at

Something that made things a little easier for me was that the lids of my bead jars were the same size as my sunglasses lens, so I could plot out the order of my beads.

Sizing Sunnies

DIY Sunglasses Design Planned

Once you have your design, start gluing it onto your glasses. You can choose any shape of glasses and any style. These ones were from Primark about 2 years ago, they had been bought for my mum’s 50th birthday party which was 60s/70s hippy themed. Once again, things from the past are coming in handy for my crafts 🙂 this is why I am such a hoarder.

Make sure you start at the centre if you want your lettering to be symmetrical, and work your way outwards.

Sticking Beads to the Sunglasses Sticking Beads to the Sunglasses

At this point (below) I was kind of tempted to leave them like that, but I wanted to go the whole hog and go all the way around the lens.

DIY Sunglasses Progress at

Press your beads onto the glasses, but be sure not to smoosh them around too much, as the glue will spread from under the bead and look a bit messy.

The Fabby Results

Unfortunately I had to change my design slightly for both sides, as there was quite a bit of spare space leftover… so my plotting wasn’t as helpful as I had first thought. But they turned out well in the end.

DIY Sunglasses Finished at

Leave your sunglasses to dry for a bit before trying them on, you’ll want all of the beads to be stuck fast if you’re wanting to wear them out and about. But once they are dry, pop them on and take a selfie! If you do make your own sunnies, tag me on Twitter @eljaypea23 with your pics with #DIYsunnies. I can’t wait to see everyone’s designs!

DIY Sunglasses at

Summer is so exciting, I can’t wait to make more crafty things to share with everyone and get some little jobs done that I’ve been waiting until summer to do. Eeee can’t wait for my holiday either ^_^

MINI UPDATE 23/12 (My Birthday!!!)DIY Sunglasses Tutorial Winner YAY

This is a bit exciting; I’ve  been entered into Discount Sunglasses Fashion Blog Awards for Best DIY Sunglasses Decoration Tutorial!
I’d super love if you could vote for me here.

It always feels lovely when your makes are appreciated doesn’t it? ^_^ And I promise, the new year will have more DIYs (as I plan to never stop making)!


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