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DIY Mawi Clutch at

Not everybody has hundreds of pounds to spend on accessories, but we can all covet lovely sparkly things. However, there is no need to go out and make a dent in the credit card when you can create a DIY Mawi clutch bag on a shoestring!

If you’re a craft fiend like me, then you will have a fair amount of bits and bobs which make DIYs like this so much easier to do. With a bit of imagination and some fun things to use, you can create a gorgeous addition to any outfit AND it’s practical; everyone needs a bag!

I became a bit obsessed with glittery things I think… as soon as I could appreciate the way things looked. These sequinned clutch bags popped up one day on my eBay travels and I just thought, “I need to get at least one of those, I could make them look so funky.” With them only being about £2.50 (or under), I couldn’t resist buying a silver and a gold one (then later a pink and black… and next I want to buy red, blue and purple…) so I could create 2 completely different designs. They came from China so I kind of forgot about them and was super excited when they arrived.

DIY Sequin Clutches at

All of the ideas I had came rushing into my mind, so I grabbed all of my crafty stuff and set to work, messing around with layouts and different materials.

This was the point I realised I needed more bags so I could live out more fun designs!

Let’s get making!

So, you will need the following things to create your very own Mawi-style clutch bag:

  • The sequinned beauty
  • Glue gun/Super glue
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Beads, pom poms, spikes, crystals… your choice of lovely things!

Gold Sequins – Jewelled and Spiked

DIY Sequin Clutch Bag at

I luckily had been given some unwanted chandelier-style light shades, so I had some shaped crystals; these needed a bit more sparkle so I used glitter nail varnish on the back of them. Then I chose some jewels and things to create a layout I liked.

DIY Glitter Clutch 004

The spikes came after I was happy with my design but felt it needed a bit more of an edge. When I was happy with the way it looked, I started to glue the crystals onto the bag. I started out using my glue pen, but it was a bit too stringy, so I used super glue instead.

I started with the large central jewel and worked my way out so I could keep it as symmetrical as possible. Once all of my gluing was done, I waited for it to dry properly before adding the studs. When I came to this point, I found that the big chandelier crystals needed to be sewn down as well as glued, as they were moving about a bit and could have got caught and pulled off.

The studs I have are screw-ins which you have to make a hole for, before you can get the base into the fabric. To make holes, I used my thickest needle and then pushed a kebab skewer through that same hole and wiggled it about to stretch the fibres in the fabric, then I pushed the backs through. I had to push the fibres about to make sure they went around the screw and I could get the spike screwed on properly.

Once this was all done, I changed up the zipper charm for a crazy big acrylic shape I had from an old necklace and my funky, sparkly, shiny clutch bag was complete!


DIY Glitter Clutch 010

Next up was my silver bag, which I wanted to give more of a tribal/boho feel and I knew I wanted to involve pom poms in this design.

Silver Sequins – Pom Poms and Tassels

Again, I was thinking about my layout, this one actually took a fair bit longer to decide upon that the gold bag. All I knew was pom poms!

DIY Glitter Clutch 019

So, this bag was a similar story to the other one, with a fair amount of gluing but with a bit more stitching. Since I knew those fabulous little bright coloured pom poms had to be attached somehow, I worked out a layout I was happy with and added in some tassels I found (I had actually made these years and years ago… yes I do keep everything, but now you know why!)

DIY Mawi Clutch at

DIY Glitter Clutch 021

Once the pom poms and tassels looked how I wanted, I sewed them to the bottom of the bag. It was a bit of a pain, as there is a seam at the bottom of the bag which was sometimes a bit tough to get the needle through. But in the end, all were sewn on, with little seed beads in different colours adding even more detail.

DIY Glitter Clutch 023

I messed around with ideas, swapping and changing and I only cut the lengths of ribbon once I decided on my layout. To keep the ends from fraying I used a lighter CAREFULLY so seal the ends.

DIY Glitter Clutch 024

Seriously, all purpose super glue is my go to crafting equipment, it’s SUPER! It’s so cheap as well, especially if you shop at Wilko 🙂

DIY Glitter Clutch 025

DIY Glitter Clutch 026

The ribbons were glued on in the formation I (eventually) chose, and then the funky red howlite-looking thing from an old bracelet was glued into the middle and I built the pattern around it. The black small pom poms around it were sewn onto a piece of thread so they would stay close to each other (they are very springy little things).

So, another bag was complete and I absolutely love it! It’s probably best described as me if I was a clutch bag haha! In this pic, you can just see a multicoloured tassel to the top right-ish area; this is what I attached as the zip pully instead of the charm. Again, a tassel I made a while ago… in fact, it features every single colour of thread I have… which is 50 different colours… another spur of the moment eBay purchase which I am so glad I made!

DIY Glitter Clutch 030

What do you think of my cheap and cheerful and oh-so-crafty clutch bags? Better than things you can find in the shops, or good if you like things that look handmade? I’d love to hear your opinions, because I actually bought 2 more sequinned bags and I would love to pop the photos in another post at some point.

I hope you’re feeling inspired to get sparkly and try making your own statement DIY Mawi clutch bag!

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