Chocolatey Easter Treats

Easter Treats at

Yay! It’s a long weekend and Easter calls for chocolate. So I decided to make some scrummy Easter Treats to share with my family this weekend.

I have taken a bit of a step back in time to the cake sales we used to have at infant school and decided to make some little chocolate nests.
Making these is super easy (as you will probably know) and only requires a few ingredients.


  • Chocolate – I used 3 100g bars (30p from Tesco/ASDA)
  • Shredded Wheat – 6… blocks??
  • Mini Eggs – As many as you fancy, I went for 3 per nest so… 36 eggs (spare to snack on)
  • Sprinkles – Which are optional, but I wanted to add some bright colours to my nests

Equipment (haha)

  • Big plastic bowl
  • Pan – the bowl should sit in the pan, but not touch the bottom
  • Hot water
  • Spoon
  • Paper cake cases
  • 12 hole baking tray
  • Fridge

I wish I had known about this technique many years ago, when I used to melt chocolate in the microwave. Using a pan and a big bowl is so much more simple and I don’t think you can burn chocolate doing it this way.
Firstly I boiled the kettle to get a head start on the hot water, although, once in the pan I put a low heat on. My oven only has 3 numbers (which are ridiculously faded due to the sheer age of it) so I had it on 1. Then I rested my plastic bowl on top of the pan and started to break the chocolate apart.
[Please excuse my minging hob…]

Melting Chocolate Melting Chocolate YUM!

The chocolate went into the bowl and I stirred it until it was fully melted. While the smell of chocolate fills your kitchen, snack on a spare Mini Egg and then squish the life out of the Shredded Wheat packets (there’s 2 in each pack). Be super careful not to burst the bag and get it all over the bench/floor… everywhere!

Shredded Wheat and Chocolate

Once it was fully melted, I resisted the temptation to dip my finger in the chocolatey goodness and sprinkled in the Shredded Wheat, bit by bit, so I could keep an eye on how much was going in. I was aiming for a more chocolatey consistency to hold the wheaty bits together, but wanted a nesty look to it, so sprinkled some extra without mixing it in as much.

Yum Yum Melted Chocolate at

Easter Chocolate Nest Mixture

Next step is to spoon equal amounts (as equal as possible) into each of the 12 paper cases and use a teaspoon to form a dint in the middle. The dint is where the eggs are going to sit!

This is the optional bit. I decided to put rainbow sprinkles on the nests before the eggs went in. The only reason being, that when I was in the bakery aisle of ASDA today, I spotted ‘Sour Sprinkles’ and thought “Oo! They sound interesting, let’s put them on too!” Plus, I love colourful things, so it seemed necessary.

Treats Upon Treats

Rainbow Sprinkles

Then you need to nestle the eggs in their little chocolatey nests. I chose to put 3 in each, because I think that looked nice and aesthetically pleasing. It depends on the size of your eggs, as there are some really cute, itsy-bitsy, teeny ones which you could probably fit 5 or more in.

Chocolatey Easter Treats

Anyway, once this is all done, pop them in the fridge and let the chocolate set.

Easter Chocolate Nest Treats

When they are set, gobble them up as fast as you please! Because, if you can’t be a chocolate monster at Easter, when can you?
I really hope you have made your own Easter treats this year and take some time to enjoy spending a bit of your weekend with family and friends.

Easter Treats at



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