And so the tidy up begins…

Unfortunately, I am not the neatest of people, my vast collection of art supplies, clothes, shoes, magazines… stuff, means that I struggle with keeping tidy. One room which takes the brunt of my messy ways, is my spare room, which I am hoping will become my little craft room of the future. I don’t want this to be super duper future though, I want to get tidy as soon as possible so I can use the desk to get creative, instead of on the floor.

The crime scene

I am a little embarrassed to share these pictures with you (not just because the quality is a bit naff) because some people will keel over seeing the sheer amount of stuff I have accumulated in my 27 years of life. I’ve only lived alone for a year and a half as well… my poor dad stored a fair amount of my “when I move out” stuff in his garage for a year… or more…

Anyway, I have big plans for this room! I’ll be doing at least 10 trips to the tip and charity shops, as well as popping a few things on the good old bay of e.

The plan will go like this:

  1. Clear out all the crap
  2. Get new storage boxes etc.
  3. Find a place for all my crafty bits
  4. Add some extra little pretty touches
  5. Get creative!

I only wish it was as easy as that 5 step plan. There is sooo much stuff and not all of it can go in the bin, because as I’ve mentioned before, I am a hoarder. I just really want a pretty and practical room which I can make things in and get started on my next creative venture; the room needs to be inspiring, relaxing and TIDY, as well as being easily converted into a bedroom for any guests (i.e. space for the sofa bed to pull out).

Made a bit of a start…

Took a trip to IKEA and got some bits and bobs to help with my storage. I needed big boxes for all of my fabric and scraps and some pots for pens, scissors and brushes. I love IKEA for storage things, they really have some great items for smaller spaces and a lot of the products can be converted or used in different ways to make them work for you.

So I bought these things to help tidy up this site:

Starting the tidying mission at

I thought I would use the VARIERA shelf inserts to make a bit more space on my desk and of course create a bit more storage too. The smaller one attaches onto the larger one and creates a cute little shelfy thing, which is perfect for the RAJTAN spice jars I bought. Those little jars will be perfect for beads and jewellery making bits and bobs!

Image from

Image from

The small GLIS boxes I got are in lovely bright colours (my favourite) and they are probably going to be used for more jewellery making things and studs etc.

Image from

I couldn’t resist the cutest little cloud napkin holder, I was just walking through the kitchen department when RYMLIG caught my eye. Of course, I won’t be needing napkins in my little craft-room-come-office, but I thought it would hold important letters pretty well… and it’s so sweet too!

Image from

The bigger boxes I got are DRÖNA boxes, which come in a fair amount of colours (perfect!) and they’re only £2.50 which I think is amazing value; so I chose turquoise and pink for my craft room and may end up getting a couple more once I see how things go. Not totally sure what is going in these yet…


drona boxes

The SORTERA recycling boxes are great for keeping my fabric in, as they are pretty big and they fit perfectly underneath my desk. I may end up getting some more of these if I find I need more space for bigger things.


I think I was more drawn to the colours rather than the practicalities of these last two things; I chose to buy 3 BYGEL containers and 2 SOCKER plant pots with the intentions of using them for pencils and brushes and the like. Finding a place for them will be the hardest… I already have plans to attach hooks and dowel to the side of my bookcase so I can slot the BYGEL pots on there, so hopefully that will look okay, I guess I will see.


I also couldn’t resist buying these when I went into (the amazing) Tiger for a little gander… but they are too cute not to buy, don’t you agree? I will find a place for them and they will look cool, just don’t quite know where exactly. More than likely, these little fairy lights will end up on my bookcase or hanging from the curtain rail.


So I haven’t really got all that far yet with my tidying, but I will keep the posts coming when I start to make some progress. I am currently making a storage box for A4 sheets of paper and card… or letters actually, I am undecided at the moment.

Hopefully I will be able to take some lovely photos for you all when the room starts to look like a room and not a tip!

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